Non-Consistency Race 9th March 2019

While the Offshore inclined sailors tried drifting to Mandurah, and the JAM fleet stayed home in the dry, one Division One boat and five Division Two boats drifted around course Nine competing to see who could keep the most air in their spinnakers.  The breeze at the start was a five knot South South Easterly but was extremely variable during the race, and it was a toss up to see if you were wetter wearing hot wet weather gear or being drizzled on.

Race control on a Success shortened the course at the second rounding of L and Panache II, Sand Crab’s Disco and Pipedream III succeeded in finishing (Pipedream at a drift after a couple of powerboats washed the way off her) while Valkyr, Eufarria and Freddie Fudpucker were forced to retire.

Sand Crab’s Disco as the sole contender in Division One took First and Fastest.

Kim Klaka’s Panache II sailed a canny race to take first and fastest in Divison Two finishing nearly ten minutes ahead of Sand Crab despite their five minute head start.  Pipedream took second at a drift, over twenty minutes later.

Presentations were made by Inshore Captain Brian Cooper in the sailors’ bar after the race.  Thanks to the Race Control Crew on Success who had a quiet day enlivened by a visit from a crested tern.  Thanks to Chris Bender, Joyce Bender, Elke McAlindon, Matthew Cooper for their photographic contributions – it was a good day for taking pictures! Additional photos by Chris are available on OneDrive.

Regular racing resumes next Saturday with consistency Race 13 / Championship Race 5.

Race Report and Photos by Frances Hammond