Our Philosophy

Fremantle Sailing Club welcomes anyone in the community to get involved and try sailing to see if it is something you enjoy and want to pursue. Sailing is a sport for life, can be learnt at any age bringing individual and group cohesion through teamwork, leadership, initiative, resilience, self-worth and environmental awareness. Sailing is a sport with many dimensions to offer depending on your ambitions whether you are interested in high performance and training in the sailing academy, making new friendships or enjoying time outdoors in the elements you will find the pathway best suited to you. 

You do not need to have any sailing experience to start and as you progress the Club will work with you to choose the area of sailing that most interests you, for example, dinghy racing, twilight sailing or offshore racing.

The Club also offers sailing programs for primary and secondary schools and groups in the community. To get involved and give it a go take the first step and enrol in a try sailing course for your age group or book a Sailing Experience for your family or group of friends.