Leasing a Pen

Any individual leasing a wet pen must be either a Probationary Senior or Senior Member of Fremantle Sailing Club. To join as a Senior Member, please visit our membership section or contact our membership coordinator at membership@fsc.com.au.

Club policy specifies that all vessels brought into the marina must meet the below criteria:

  • All owners listed on the vessels insurance and registration documents must be Senior Members of the Fremantle Sailing Club
  • Vessels cannot be listed under a company or trust name on the registration or insurance documents
  • Pens range from 10m to 45m in length in varying widths.
  • The Club allows any vessel to overhang the pen by 1.5m (except pens G44-G64 inclusive).
  • All pens are charged according to pen length and not vessel length.
  • Pens available for lease are either 1. owned by the Club, 2.managed by the Club but privately owned by members or 3. privately owned and available for private lease.
  • There is no minimum lease period on the pens, however 30 days’ notice is required if you intend to vacate the pen.
  • Please see the Club Owned Pen Lease Agreement which will apply to any Senior Member leasing a Club owned pen or Club managed pen.
  • Please see the Private Pen Lease Agreement for a template agreement between the pen owner and Senior Member.
  • Vessels located on F, G, H, Bond or Parmelia have one metered GPO per pen. Boat owners can connect to power permanently on these jetties and will be charged according to usage.
  • Vessels located on A, B, C or D jetty are required to complete the below power application form to indicate how frequently you wish to be connected to a GPO.
  • There are four power options to select from*:
    • 1. Exemption to power – if you do not require any connection to a GPO
    • 2. Casual power – connecting to power on infrequent occasions only – $22/quarter
    • 3. Permanent Power – able to stay connected to power permanently – $400 (one off) connection fee + minimum $90/quarter with a sliding scale depending on usage as these pens are not metered
    • 4. Liveaboard – please refer to the liveaboard section
  • You are responsible for supplying your own power chord which needs to be tagged and tested in compliance with the FSC harbour standards.
  • Harbour Office staff will tag your chord with a coloured tag to indicate your selected power option.

*Prices are corrected as of October 2021.

If you wish to liveaboard your vessel within the marina, please submit a liveaboard enquiry form via the liveaboard information tab.

Wet-Pen Lease Forms

If you are a Senior Member and would like to lease any Club Owned or Club Managed wet pens listed below, please complete the wet pen lease application form below.

If you are a Senior Member and would like to be placed on the waitlist or relocate to a pen size or location not listed below, please complete a waitlist application form.

Power Connection

Pens Available

To lease any of the Club Owned Pens listed below, please submit a Pen Lease Application Form. To view map of the Club’s marina click here

Club Owned

$56 (inc GST) per metre per month. Annual Rates Levy: $45 per metre per annum

Club Managed

$51 per metre per month

Privately Owned

Please contact Members listed for all private rental and cost terms.

Pens for Sale

Before you purchase a pen, you must be a full Senior Member of the Club,

Table of Pens Available

Information correct as of 13th October 2021.

Buy/ LeaseTypeLocationLength
Owner NameOwner ContactPriceAvailable from
BuyFor SaleA89155.5UpwindJamie Dix0448 882 651Contact OwnerAvailable Now
BuyFor SaleB18104.6DownwindAlan Wright0433 651 947Contact OwnerAvailable Now
BuyFor SaleB19104.5UpwindGeoff Totterdell0418 403 764Contact OwnerAvailable Now
BuyFor SaleB36104.6DownwindRod Keown0419 139 67275000Available Now
BuyFor SaleB118216.5DownwindNeil Head0411 746 175Contact OwnerAvailable Now
BuyFor SaleC12104.6DownwindMark Horswill0408 905 38192000Available Now
BuyFor SaleC24104.6DownwindDavid Wood0417 901 24095000Available Now
BuyFor SaleC36104..6DownwindMike Hawkings0439 610 669Contact OwnerAvailable Now
BuyFor SaleC40104.6DownwindSean Murphy0412 224 213Contact OwnerAvailable Now
BuyFor SaleC51105UpwindJohn0407 448 232SMS OwnerAvailable Now
BuyFor SaleC53105UpwindStuart0451 534 687Contact OwnerAvailable Now
BuyFor SaleC56105DownwindTerry Sweet0413 800 020$69,000 ONOAvailable Now
BuyFor SaleC61105UpwindWendell Parnell0407 470 470Contact OwnerAvailable Now
BuyFor SaleC64105DownwindPeter Torrepeter@torrecorporate.com.auContact OwnerAvailable Now
BuyFor SaleC90124.4DownwindTom Purdon0418 921 967Contact OwnerAvailable Now
BuyFor SaleC105185.8UpwindAdam Harry0448 330 510Contact OwnerAvailable Now
BuyFor SaleC116125.4DownwindPaul Lawrence0418 958 740Contact OwnerAvailable Now
BuyFor SaleD10104.6DownwindJohn Zadnik0418 929 411Contact OwnerAvailable Now
BuyFor SaleD14104.6DownwindMichael Ledger0411 806 888Contact OwnerAvailable Now
BuyFor SaleD28104.6DownwindReg Falconer0417 171 220Contact OwnerAvailable Now
BuyFor SaleD32104.6DownwindDeborah Corrigan0423 086 319Contact OwnerAvailable Now
BuyFor SaleD43A124.6UpwindMike Sabin0407 402 083Contact OwnerAvailable Now
BuyFor SaleD50125DownwindMatthew Cooper0412 863 651Contact OwnerAvailable Now
BuyFor SaleD68125DownwindLindsay Kenworthy0409 115 194Contact OwnerAvailable Now
BuyFor SaleD96154.5DownwindBrian Todd0428 941 731Contact OwnerAvailable Now
BuyFor SaleD100154.5DownwindJohn Orr0417 922 470Contact OwnerAvailable Now
BuyFor SaleD102154.6DownwindJohn Hof0439 692 757$100,000 -NegAvailable Now
BuyFor SaleD114154.5DownwindRoger Davis0408 778 292Contact OwnerAvailable Now
LeaseClub OwnedC12216.54.5Downwindpenadmin@fsc.com.auHarbour OfficeAvailable Now
LeaseClub ManagedP10237.6Downwindpenadmin@fsc.com.auHarbour OfficeNow – Nov 2021
LeaseClub ManagedA104216.1Downwindpenadmin@fsc.com.auHarbour OfficeAvailable Now
LeaseClub ManagedD86154.7Downwindpenadmin@fsc.com.auHarbour OfficeAvailable Now
LeaseClub ManagedD96154.45Downwindpenadmin@fsc.com.auHarbour OfficeAvailable Now
LeaseClub ManagedD100154.4Downwindpenadmin@fsc.com.auHarbour OfficeAvailable Now
LeaseClub ManagedD102154.6Downwindpenadmin@fsc.com.auHarbour OfficeAvailable Now
LeasePrivately OwnedA24104.6DownwindIan – 0419 919 591Contact OwnerAvailable Now