What is a SailPass & why is it necessary?

SailPass is a means by which a non-member can go sailing at Fremantle Sailing Club – it’s a form of introductory or short-term membership (for a day or days).
  • It offers safe, quick, easy and affordable access to sailing
  • It’s a massive safety improvement by providing personal injury insurance cover through Australian Sailing.
  • It’s RRS 46 compliance friendly 
  • It’s increasingly popular and successful at many clubs
  • Mostly – it is a simple way to get more people, having fun in boats
  • And it breaks down lots of barriers to sailing ….

FSC Members and members of other Australian Sailing affiliated clubs do not need a SailPass.

By clicking on the registration button below and submitting your details you will receive a confirmation email within seconds with your Australian Sailing Number and username which will enable you to select future SailPasses.
It is a good idea to record your Australian Sailing Number for quick assess when asked by your skipper.
Non-members can obtain up to x3 free SailPasses per season.


For further enquiries, please contact the Boating Office:
Email: sailingadmin@fsc.com.au
Phone: 9435 8821

Become an FSC Crew Member

Crew Membership entitles you to the following:

  1. Make full use and enjoyment of the Clubhouse and other facilities.
  2. Participate in any Club sailing activity as a crew member on any boat on the Club’s register.
  3. 10% discount on food & beverage and merchandise
  4. Park at FSC
  5. Required to participate in a minimum of ten (10) sailing events as a crew person in the respective membership year.
  6. Crew  members enjoy Keelboat and Dinghy racing privileges.


  1. Crew Membership – $200 per annum (pro-rata at your time of joining)
  2. House Support – $240 per annum ($120 twice per year) spend it at the Club, an after-race drink or two or stay for a meal or even buy some Club merchandise.
  3. Fob Key $30 – access to the Club