Liveaboard at Fremantle Sailing Club

Fremantle Sailing Club is one of the few Clubs in Western Australia that allows its Members to live aboard their vessels. Senior members are able to live aboard their vessels in the marina at a monthly cost. To request to become a liveaboard, please complete the liveaboard enquiry form.

  • $198/month + $440 connection fee (one-off, lasts for the duration of your membership)
  • Charged per vessel
  • Billed to Membership account monthly in advance

Price is current as of April 2024.

  • Ability to reside permanently on the vessel
  • Permanent connection to power
  • Full use of water facilities

Definition of a Liveaboard: Regular, repetitive living aboard a boat covering more than 5 days per month, or continuous living aboard a boat is deemed to be “living aboard” for the purpose of being charged the Liveaboard Fee.

  1. All persons living aboard must be Financial Members of one of the classes of Club Membership. This is to be made up of one Senior Member and all other persons living aboard must be Financial Members of another category.
  2. A Member intending to live aboard their boat must make an application on the appropriate form to the CEO prior to commencing to live aboard.
  3. A fee shall be levied on each vessel occupied by Liveaboards. This fee will be reviewed each year as part of the budget process.
  4. A Liveaboard member is required to pay the Permanent Power Connection charge. No additional charge will apply for power consumption as this is included in the Liveaboard fee.  The Permanent Power Connection charge relates to the member, not the boat if the vessel is sold to another member.
  5. The CEO shall determine Liveaboard status in accordance with this policy and shall maintain a register of vessels occupied by Liveaboards.
  6. Repetitive incidents of behaviour that are deemed to be unsafe, or unsatisfactory will result in the cancellation of Liveaboard rights.

All professional crew living aboard a vessel must join as Members of the Club and a Liveaboard fee must be paid by the owner of the vessel. The Captain must join as a Senior Member and all other professional crews are to join as Crew Members, with Membership transferable to new employees.