Australia Day Raft Up 2024

Power Section – Australia Day Raft Up 2024

It was great weather for the FSC power section annual Carnac Island Australia Day Raft Up 2024. The wind was a mild 7-10knots in the morning ESE, but we knew in the afternoon around 1ish the wind was going to pick up, change direction to a SW, and potentially cause havoc! We left FSC in convoy at around 9am to the island 10 of the power section boats. Ian had given a great briefing and so we all knew where we were to come in and be positioned and tuned into VHF 72. Concorde was the first boat to be in position on anchor with two boats either side, La Senorita to the starboard side to again anchor up and Mojo on the port side as anchor. As each boat came in and set fenders, bow line, stern then springers and our line up grew! Then next was floating toys to be pumped up, sunscreen, bathers and rashies. We all enjoyed the traditional Aussie bar-b-cue thanks to the Power Section cooking and a packet of lamingtons per boat. We raised $208.70 for Australian Sea Lion research, collected recyclables, used no single use plastic, and took all rubbish and organics away while the kids were having a ball playing on kayaks, floating bouncing platforms, and snorkelling. Now that we were set up the members and their guests could use the duckboards as a footpath and use this time to visit each other catching up on personal events of Christmas and the new year and share a beverage or two celebrating Australia Day Power Section Style. However, as predicted around 1 – 1:30pm the ‘Freo Doctor’ arrived with conviction and gusto. Our raft swung around to the southwest. The anchors of Mojo and Concorde were no longer effective, and we were solely relying on La Senorita’s anchor. Like bees in a hive we quickly respond to mother nature’s warning and disband our get together quite efficiently to the point where there was still two snorkelers in the water, who, I noticed when they looked up and realized that all the boats were moving were quite perplexed, “Wait for us!” they waved. Concorde swooped and picked them up quick smart and all was well. The de-rafting went calmly and succinctly starting from the port to starboard and even though there were quite some newbies everyone managed well without event. Most boats returned to the Club and others went upriver to Perth Waters for the drone and fireworks shows.

11 boats took part with 52 POB including: 9 children, and 1 doggie.

Thanks to all the Power Section Committee that made this event happen.

@credit Marian Morley.