FSC To Host The 2023 Flying Fifteen World Championships Thursday 9 to Saturday 25 March (Updated 15.02)

We are excited to announce Fremantle Sailing Club is the host venue for the 2023 Flying Fifteen World Championships. With 77 Flying Fifteens competing to be World Number 1, entrants from England, Ireland, Hong Kong, New Zealand and across Australia will be out on our waters competing throughout the month of March.

We are in the process of preparing our facilities to accommodate competitors, race and support teams. We expect our sports bar to be lively, each with sailors and support crew as they hold their daily presentations and wind down after racing.

With this in mind to ensure we safely handle the additional boats and control access in an out of the marina hardstand; the following area’s will be cordoned off:

“Hardstand car parking area adjacent to the harbour office building” refer to the image below:

Members will have vehicle access to the drop off area as indicated on above; we recommend members with trailers flow around the outer route of the hardstand to access ramps.

In addition we have international competitor containers arriving, these being placed in the fenced off car park area at the entrance of the club. We are expecting seven containers to be shipped and stored here for the event. This area is currently fenced off to allow arrival at any time. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause once the containers are all delivered we will adjust the fencing to permit parking in the remaining space.

During the event the following areas will be utilised by race and support teams

Dinghy Clubhouse and Mark shed – Measuring/Weighing period (9th to 11th March – morning to 3pm)
Activity Room – Race team/ event registration (9th to 25th March – all day)
Library – Protest Hearings (9th to 25th March – Afternoon 3pm-6pm)

For more information regarding this year’s Flying Fifteen World Championship: Click here