By Hook or by Snook – Angling March Competition

By Hook or by Snook

The cream rose to the top during the March competition when Chris Walkey outshone the rest on a day abbreviated to a 1pm weigh-in because of the forecast early seabreeze. And the forecasters didn’t let us down!
It wasn’t a weigh-in for the ages, but there were some highlights nonetheless, as John and Denise Bech presented more than a half dozen king george at John’s go-to spot north of the Windmills. Joe and Kev Kroeger did their bit for fish conservation. But Joe did come away with a smile by landing the heaviest target fish, a 0.23kg herring. While Chris and Ray Wilson, fishing aboard their Trophy, couldn’t buy a king george, aside from a modest offering that Joe would call a Prince George, their spirits were lifted when one-metre long snook came into play over the weed between Mewstone and the Stragglers. There is something special about these 2kg fish snaking and worming their way to the boat, going this way and that in an effort to shake the hook. Rated three-star eating, some fishers turn up their snout on snook, but skinned, dusted in flour and lightly friend in oil, with a small knob of butter, Ray and Chris had no complaints.

Chris finished with six species to win the comp with 88.74 points from Ray a distant second with 47 points. Chris leads the overall standings with 469 points.

The next competition is scheduled for April 1.