Board Newsletter – Issue 27, August 2021

From the Helm

Dear Members – I am delighted to introduce and welcome the new Board of Management for 2021/22 and look forward to everyone getting to know us over the next 12 months. As members ourselves, we fully appreciate and understand the importance of “listening and responding” to feedback, ideas and suggestions – that is what we are here for. It is clear that everyone already has a great sense of pride in what our Club represents and offers to the greater membership and it is our goal to ensure that the steps we take now, strengthen our position for the future. Thank you in advance for your support and your continued membership of our Club.

Phil Hearse, Commodore

Phil Hearse - Board of Management - Fremantle Sailing Club

Your New Board

Back Row L – R: Rod Mulcahy – Board Member, Steve Delfos – Chair Maintenance Committee, Alan Stein – Chair Planning Committee, Trevor Richards – Board Member, Rob Hodby – Treasurer, Paul Arns – Board Member, Lyn Powell – Board Member, Greg Hancock – Director

Front Row L – R: Todd Giraudo – Rear Commodore Sail, Anita Wyntje – Vice Commodore, Phil Hearse – Commodore, Kyle Timms – Rear Commodore Power, Bosuns, Pipes & Drums, Neville Norket – Rear Commodore Angling, Game Fishing & Dive, Anthony Kirke (Absent) – Board Member.

Club Capex & Significant Projects

SERVICE JETTY – The new floating pontoons are in place and final work with the connection of power, water & fuel should see the jetty back in use by mid-late September.  Great work by everyone involved!

FIRE & EMERGENCY SERVICES – still in the process of finalising technical details before completing the scope of works and preparation of a tender document.  As outlined at the AGM, it is hoped that Phase 1 will commence April/May 2022 subject to final approvals.

DINGHY CLUBHOUSE – Approval was given to proceed with the roof replacement and this is another project that should see it fully completed by mid September (weather dependent) giving this building another 3-5 years of life!

SITE DRAINAGE ISSUES – Some work has recently been carried out by Council with clearing drains and recent heavy storms resulted in slightly less of a problem than usual.  Council have advised they are continuing to investigate further improvements.

Following the approvals received at the AGM in July, there will be several other new projects starting in coming months as scopes of work and tender documents are prepared. 

DOT LEASE NEGOTIATION – The Club’s lawyers finally received DoTs valuation under orders from Arbitrator. The Lease team continues to work with the Club’s lawyers in preparation for replying to the arbitration orders given and will update the Board on its progress.

Section News

Angling, Game Fishing & Dive

Game Fishing: AGM held and John Cramer has remained as Captain of this section.  Snapper Comp went well with past Captain George Greaves bringing in an 8.5kg snapper!

Angling: AGM has been held and Captain John Bech, who has done a great job, remains in place for another year.  Monthly fishing comp went ahead as scheduled.

Dive:  AGM held and Andrew Brockis has been elected as Captain replacing Ciaran Lavin who retired from his role after several years.  Monthly dive trip was cancelled due to bad weather..


New RC Sailing Todd Giraudo attended all relevant Section AGM’s and congratulated all those who were elected.  FSC has opportunity to submit a proposal to host IRC State Championships for 3 year period, starting November 2022.  Proposals need to be in by 1st November.

Power, Bosuns, Pipes & Drums

Power:  Captain Charlotte has been returned for another year leading this section.  The Boots, Beanies & Bonfire night was a great success held on 14th August.

Bosuns: AGM held and Captain Arthur John was returned for another year.  Always look forward to the monthly breakfast and hearing the great work these guys do for the Club.
Pipes & Drums: AGM held and Stuart Bradford will continue on as Captain.  Was a busy month for the Band with one group playing for the runners in the recent Fremantle Harbour Master Race!

 Duty Officers

The Duty Officers kept the Friday Night Happy Hour Raffle progressing through July & August. Sincere thankyou to the Friday night members who so generously contribute. AGM held and Greg Hancock remains in the role of Captain. Our Duty Officers have increased their range of activities and support now acting as our ‘meet & greet’ team at many club events.

From the Desk - of the CEO

Looking back over the last month, I think one of the most exciting things that happened was watching the Olympic Games and particularly the FSC members who participated in the Sailing events – Matt Wearn, Nia Jerwood and Monique de Vries.

Win or not, we were all so proud of their achievements in just getting to the Games is fantastic.

FSC became one of the most popular places to be with Channel 7 camera crews turning up not once by twice, as we watched Matt Wearn sail to Olympic gold.  Excitement in the Club Bar was at fever pitch with all the kids and coaches from Dinghy Club here mixing with and cheering with everyone else.

Karen Baldwin, CEO

Karen Baldwin - Board of Management - Fremantle Sailing Club


Overall July achieved a relatively good result, showing a total loss of only $7k compared to a budget expectation of $55k.  Private
Function bookings was one of the stand-out performing departments along with Membership which also did very well compared to budget and previous year.  

Organisation & Club Culture

Head Coach Tessa Parkinson will be going on Parental Leave mid-September and we wish her all the very best of luck with pending motherhood!  The search for an Interim Head Coach has been challenging as not many people like “Tessa” are around.

Mel in our Accounts Department will also be leaving early Sept to take on a new role with a large CBD organisation and hopefully we’ll find a replacement very quickly.

Gate Security Mahbob has been on extended annual leave and many of you by now will have met Peter, who will be staying on after Mahbob’s return to provide some assistance to our Harbour & Maintenance team..   


The gap analysis report on the Club’s overall compliance with Environmental, Work Health & Safety has been completed and will be reviewed in more detail by respective departments and committees and action plans established to improve results. This was an important process to go through to achieve best practice and reduce risk exposure.

We expect to have our annual insurance premium renewal report by mid-September and with an improved claims history over last 12 months, hopefully increase will not be too high.

Legal / Insurance Matters

Two existing legal matters are still in the process of being resolved.

One new claim has been lodged against the Club from a former employee and is in the process of being reviewed by our lawyers and insurance company.

Membership Activities & Events

The Winter Ball was another very successful and well attended event at FSC – many thanks to the amazing décor provided by Darren & Stage & Studio Productions as well as Paul from West Winds Gin for the very popular vodka bar!

Open Day – 12th September is gearing up to be a fabulous showcase event to re-connect with our existing members as well as creating more awareness of our facilities and activities to potential new members and the local community. 

Season Opening Day – 2nd October is the celebration of the season you will not want to miss!  Join us for morning tea on the Sunset Deck and then we hope to see lots of boats out on the water, decorated to the hilt and get the season off to a cracker of a start!

A new monthly calendar is available in the Club lobby and shows all the upcoming events so you can plan ahead!

Lastly, it has been approved by the Board to expand the eligibility criteria for the Local Membership category to include people who have or attend business in the Fremantle precinct and already proving a positive decision.

Marina & Maintenance Matters

With all the storms which have been occurring lately, remember to keep checking ropes and fenders

Boatyard prices have been reviewed and will be effective as from 1st September 2021.  List is available on the website.

Message from the board to Members

We understand that things don’t always go to plan and mistakes can happen, but we must all remember to be courteous and respectful at all times when communicating with staff and other members.  As a Club we will not tolerate aggressive, abusive or offensive behaviour in person or over the phone. Staff have the right to refuse service or terminate a call should such behaviour occur and the Club’s Protocol Policy will be activated. 

Welcome New Members from the July/ August intake:

Darryl & Michelle Bentley

Brendan & Marina Cooley

Mark & Karen Gubanyi

Robert & Amanda Wilson

Shen Lyn Bolton

Cameron Parsons

James Brougham

Claudio Del deo

Sira Tecchiato

Maryanne Giacoppo

Fleur Angel

James Brant

Keryth Cattalini

Anthony Collica

Enrico Dipane

Christine Jamieson

Tim Manning

Derek Scott

Simon Wells

Gudrun Westerfield

Nicholas Cooper

Francescoi Del Deo

Indi Del Deo

Daniel Wang