Bay 2 Bay Cruise

I remember during the initial discussion for this trip, it occurred to me that we should be planning for “if” this cruise occurred, rather than where we would be going.  How wrong I was. The weather gods could not have been more kind in heralding in the winter of 2019. Beautiful sunny warm days, light breezes and no swell. A perfect weekend was promised and delivered for all participants.

Steve Parkinson held a pre-trip briefing in the Sailor’s bar on Thursday night, which was handy for me, as I hadn’t set foot on Garden Island since I was about five.

Our group left Saturday morning at about ten. Most of us motor-sailed because of the very light Easterlies. We then all met at the beach BBQ where Steve read us a short history of the public holiday we then had lunch and got to know the rest of the group.

Nick and Robin kindly offered their boat for the sundowner and everybody convened at about 5 as the sun went down. People just kept coming from everywhere. The entertaining area just seemed to swell to accommodate them.  It was a very “social” occasion, with Alpha ensuring everyone was well fed as the hostess for the evening. Neil, from his power position at the Helm, made sure we didn’t get too rowdy. Or was he fanning the fire?

The evening proceeded smoothly in the glassy flat and warm bay. Did I mention we were here on the first day of Winter? The Easterly did kick in a little in the early morning, which encouraged some back to the beach to stretch their legs for a while. We all headed off to the next destination about 11am after a hearty breakfast. Unfortunately, Kim, Zoe and I had to head back home for a birthday party, so we didn’t get to Jervoise Bay. I am sure that it was another wonderful night. Congratulations to the organizers. The event was great.  I would encourage everyone to mark this event on your social calendar for next year.

Event Report by Dean McKenna