Angling Competition | Saturday, 13th June 2020

It wasn’t the greatest day out on the water but that didn’t deter some hardy souls taking part in the Angling Section’s monthly competition on June 13. And while it wasn’t a day made in heaven, the comp provided the biggest flathead and skippy of the year, along with a couple of handsome King George Whiting. And, at the end of the day, Chris Walkey is now only two points behind season leader Ray Wilson who was playing golf and drinking wine (not simultaneously) in Siesta Park on the day of the comp. The conditions were a little messy to start with – some nagging light rain and chop kicked up by a nor-easter.

The boat that ventured furthest from the coast produced the best results with Craig Thomas and Chris raising the most eyebrows at the weigh-in conducted by Paddy Keenan-Smith in the absence of his wife Sue. Joe Venter and Kev Kroeger fished around Harding Rock, and generally inside the line of Carnac-Stragglers while John Bech, fishing alone, also stayed in close.

Chris won the day with five species and 69.93 points, including two king george while Craig took out the mystery fish, a skippy which weighed in at 1.3kg – the biggest so far this year. John chimed in with a 0.88kg flattie, a lovely fish and catch of the day, and lamented the massive squid that got away. Joe and Kev weighed in some good-sized squid.

The next comp is scheduled for Saturday, July 4. Contact Filed Day Officer Joe Venter on 0414 316390 or Angling Captain John Bech on 0418 924 072 if you’re keen to compete.

Event Report and photos by Ray Wilson.