Sailing & On-Water Resources

The Sailing Office is open from Tuesday to Saturday and coordinates all on-water events and activities at Fremantle Sailing Club for respective section committees.

Contact: Sailing Manager, Chris White at or call 08 9435 8817

Australian Sailing Equipment Auditing​

The National Equipment Auditor Scheme provides a system for Organising Authorities to nominate Equipment Auditors to audit boats for races. 

Equipment Auditors are volunteers who give their time to assist yacht owners and clubs maintain safety standards.
Find out more about Equipment Auditing Scheme and Download the Current Audit Forms Here

  1. Boat Owner/Person in Charge contacts the Fremantle Sailing Club On Water Office (9435 8821 requesting an Audit.
  2. The On Water Office will assist in connecting an Auditor for the boat with the skipper/owner.
  3. Boat Owner contacts the Auditor to organise time and advise of boat location and Category of Audit. 
  4. Boat owner must have the owner Audit already completed before Auditor arrives at the boat
  5. Audit is completed by Auditor. Signature of completion is only given once form is 100%
  6. Auditor returns completed for to the FSC On Water Office
  7. The On Water Office assigns the audit form a number, maintains files on FSC Server and emails copy back to Boat Owner/Person in Charge.

Sail numbers are an important way of uniquely identifying a vessel for a variety of purposes. They are a requirement for racing, and could be critical in a search and rescue situation. For these reasons all vessels have to have a unique sail number.

An Australian Sailing Number (AS Number) is the Single Identifier for all participants in Sailing nationally for membership, course participation and qualifications. The AS Number will remain as your unique identifier regardless of what level you come into the sport and what level you ultimately achieve.

Crew Connect is a place for skippers to look for crew and crews to look for skippers.

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