Application For Club Sail Number Form
Did you purchase the Boat from another Club Member?
  • The Club colours shall be navy blue and white.
    As per Rule 9.8.4 every sailing boat on the Register of the Club must carry the sail number allocated to it by the Club on at least its mainsail, unless:
    • it is a national or international class yacht, in which case it must carry the number issued to it by its class as required by RRS Rule 77 and Appendix G, or
    • the boat is kept at another club and the Sailing Committee agrees that the vessel need not carry a Fremantle Sailing Club number.
  • The full number in navy blue with the F prefix goes on the mainsail. With carbon sails (black sails), F prefix and number to be in white. Sail numbers on both sides of head sails front side of spinnaker.
  • Just the number without the F prefix can be placed on the headsails and spinnakers. (The F prefix on these sails is optional).
  • The preferred location for the F prefix is that it is placed in line with the number, as advised by the Sailing Committee.
  • Applications for a four (4) digit sail number must be submitted to the Sailing Committee for approval prior to allocation. As the Sailing Committee meets on the first Tuesday of each month, this process may take up to a month before approval is given.
  • As per Club Rule 9.6: “Every sailing yacht kept at the Club and competing in Club races shall carry the allocated Fremantle Sailing Club sail number in accordance with RRS 77 and Appendix G.
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