All Sections are welcome to join the Cruising Section for the next Progressive Dinner, the best social events on the cruising calendar! The fun starts from 6pm each host providing one course and then moving on to the next two hosts for the next courses. After the dessert course, we all retire to the FSC Galley bar and restaurant for coffees, port and camaraderie.

Note: Courses and details will be provided to you directly via the Cruising Section progressive dinner coordinators

Registrations have now closed for this event.


Primary Host Name Boat Name Dish / Course (Preference)
Chris Hoyne Skeeta Main Course
Martin Rice Hi Jinks Main Course
Barry Walsh Twitch Entree
Gordon Chinook Dessert
Leo and Mari ARENA Dessert
Heather Timms Arena Main Course
David George Alyssa Lee Entree
Dean Dr Jazz Dessert
Steven John Barleycorn Dessert
Doug Steel Papillon Entree
Alan Ings Moonlighting Entree
Bryan Dubois Seakis Main Course
Otness The Longboat Entree
Keith Charlwood Sailaway Dessert
Vickie Mountford Capella star Dessert
Michaela Freja Dessert
Peter GC268 Entree
Claire henderson Malachite Entree
R David Spirit of Joy Dessert
Todd Giraudo March 16 reveal Main Course
Steve Hongkers Main Course
Ian and Robin Bundegi Main Course
Alpha Sea Drive Dessert