State Time Trial Championships Heat 3 starts 22nd June 2024 at the Royal Perth Yacht Cub

June 2024

Hi everyone we are now up to heat 3 of the time trials championships and this Saturday it will be hosted by the Royal Perth Yacht Club.

 There are some great prises to win and it is an overall score with the best of 5 races so there is still time to start enjoying the time trials events with 5 more to go in the complete set of 8.

Scan the QR code and tap on the links to get more information. You can also contact the power section on email at power@fremantlesailingclub.com.au. Plus there is always the option to buddy with someone who is completing the series to get first hand experience.

The links will give you information about the Notice of Events,  Sailing Instructions

Fixtures and Results, the 2024 course, so you can see what they are in advance, Power Yacht time trial rules and last but the most important is how to time trial.

Thanks to the sponsorships of Oceaneer, Corica Pastries, N Signs, Bravo Marine Services,  Serafino Wines, Polar Shadenet Spectrum Plastics there are some great prizes.

Have fun everyone and may the best club boat win!!!

Marian Morley

Power club meeting 13th June
Talk Night by David Philpott on water safety

Thursday 13 June 2024

Have you ever seen an inflated life jacket?

Can you find and put your life jacket in 60 seconds

Find out answers to those questions and more at the Power section meeting this Thursday. Its not to be missed!
A water safety topic not to be missed by David Philpott from the department of transport when he discusses the importance of checking and servicing your lifejackets You will find out the requirements for lifejacket maintenance and the legal requirements of the use of lifejackets. There is now new legislation in regards to children aboard a water craft and the ages they must wear lifejackets as well as other crafts such as paddleboards/craft, kites and wind surfers.
Find out what the requirements are if you or your children are enjoying their paddleboards/craft at Rottnest.
David will also discuss general water safety, the use of epirbs, the difference types and their uses.
This is a must attend event as it is not everyday that we need to address these issues, especially using epirbs so it is a great opportunity to be reminded of the correct one to use so that should the need every arise, and we all hope that you never need to, you will be ready for action and have an evacuation plan ready to ensure the safety of all on board.

Marian Morley

Winter Woolies - Coming soon!

Sunday 16 June 2024

For everyone that have signed up to enjoy our Winter Woollies adventure please be at the Fremantle Sailing Club at Success by 9:30am.
(The boat leaves sharp at 10 so unfortunately will not be able to wait for late commers)
Rug up in your Winter Woollies, and enjoy the luxury of being driver on our Fremantle boat, Success. Enjoy the crisp cool air on your face, whilst cruising up the beautiful swan river, you may want to even enjoy a Beverage or two? Success will take a scenic cruise up the Swan River to Dalkeith and the Perth Flying Squadron Yacht Club. You will then enjoy a wonderful meal at Rimondo’s on the River, which is an invitation only to other Yacht club members. At Rimondo’s, if you have never been here, you will be introduced to a traditional Italian cuisine, I hear the salt and Pepper Squid is the best in Perth, and the very friendly hospitality of the Perth Flying Squadron Yacht Club . You will then return to Fremantle on board Success, carefree as you will not need worry about ropes, docking or the wind direction when you arrive. The cruise will take a leisurely pace so that you can enjoy sweet treats, proudly provided by Roundhouse Legal.

The event is $15/head – Ticket price includes, transport to and from Rimondo’s on board Success from FSC. Pre lunch nibbles, and post lunch sweet treats. Drinks on board Success are BYO – including cup ware. A La Carte meals and drinks at Rimondo’s are at your own expense and to be paid on the day and for those who would like to join us, but would prefer to make their way independently to Rimondo’s on the River, please email power@fremantlesailingclub.com.au for booking instructions

Marian Morley

Discovery Tour!

Saturday 20 July 2024

You are invited to join the Power Section on a Discovery Tour of the Swan River on this rally with a difference.
Whether travelling by boat or car, answer the quiz questions as you make your way up the Swan to the Claremont Yacht Club.
Pre-dinner at 2pm
Dinner at 6pm (at your own expense)
More info to come.


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