Intermediate Senior 18-25 Membership

Being an Intermediate Senior Member at Fremantle Sailing Club entitles you to make full use and enjoyment of the Clubhouse and other facilities. As part of this Membership category, you can also participate in any Club Activity, make use of the launching ramps and have a boat on the Club’s register. 

Membership Fees – as of June 2022

  • One off Nomination fee – based on age, see table below:



19 yrs

20 yrs

21 yrs

22 yrs

23 yrs

24 yrs

25 yrs










  • Subscription (pro-rata to month of joining) – $368.00 (per year)
  • House Support – N/A
  • Fob key, one off payment per person – $30.00

For more information about Intermediate Senior Membership, please contact the Membership Coordinator at or phone 09 9435 8814

Intermediate Senior 18-25 FAQs

New Probationary members are required to participate in a range of Club activities, accruing a minimum of 20 points within 12 months of joining before they can upgrade to Senior membership. Should you complete your Probationary requirements before then, so much the better.

See example Activity Log.

  • Receive Loyalty discounts on Galley  Restaurant and Club Bar purchases, merchandise, and club events
  • Make full use and enjoyment of the Clubhouse and other facilities.
  • Participate in any Club activity as a skipper or crew member on any boat on the Club’s register.
  • Use dinghy-launching ramps provided such usage is for sailing dinghy related activities.
  • Lease or occupy facilities within the Dinghy Racing Section, only for sailing dinghy related activities.
  • Have a boat on the Dinghy Racing Section Register.
  • Be a member of any Activity Section or Administrative Committee.
  • Hold the position of Section Captain, if so endorsed by the Board (Constitution 24c refers).
  • Have a boat on the Club Register.
  • Sub-lease or rent facilities (pens, hardstand, garages, etc) made available by the Club from time to time.
  • Use launching ramps @ $250.00 per annum [1st April to 31st March each year]
  • Fueling facilities [use with member credit card]
  • Work service areas.
  • Vote at General Meetings and for the election of members of the Board of Management.
  • Annual subscription applicable from 1st July  to 30th June each year
  • PLUS any Annual Pen or Hardstand fees or RAMP PERMIT – $250.00 (April – March)


Once a date and time is set a new member briefing will be held. This briefing will include a power point presentation and is an opportunity to meet other new members.  New members will then be issued with their ‘New Member Packs’ including fob keys, membership cards, car parking permits etc.

All nominations are posted to the Notice board for 14 days and submitted to the Board of Management for approval.