Recovery Training Excercises

Join the Crusing section for a recovery training exercise. Meet on the VIP lawn at 11am to discuss options and equipment group lunch at 12, hit the water afterwards and practice.

Man Overboard

Man Overboard

Sunday, 05 May 2024


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Who’s going

First Name Last Name
Lisa Bowden
Sandy Brennan
Amanda Hill
Chau Davidson
Joey Tewes
Anke Kuechler
Ignacio Segura
Aitor Barbarin
Nerea Idigoras
Brett Hill
Betty Walsh
Barry Walsh
Leo Heaney
Mari Van Biezen
Katie Gill
Matthew Perry
Steve Parkinson
Steve Parkinson
Tiani Dun
Isabel Aujoulet-Law
Christine Aujoulet
Paul Quigley
Bryan Dubois
Bryan Dubois