IQFOILD Wind Foiling Program

In the upcoming May school term we will be launching our first ten week Youth IQFOILD Wind Foiling Program! This is your opportunity to have your young sailor experience the next evolution in sailing, courtesy of the team at FSC & iQFoil. 

If you have any questions or would like to register your interest please contact our Sailing Administrator

Training Fee

  • Payment of the FSC Training Fee in full and commit to pay the IQFOIL Training Fee before training commences. (Estimated fee $300)

Course Pre-requisites

  • Paid the FSC Membership Fee 2022.
  • Minimum Try Windsurfing and some Windsurfing Training experience and documented ability or previous foiling experience.
  • High Performance background appreciated but not mandatory. 

  • Ambition to move towards training more regularly, learning new skills such as wind foiling in a sailor orientated and coached lead program at FSC.
  • Target age group is sailors aged 14-18 years.