Start Your Sailing Journey Here

The Try Big Boat Sailing courses use sailing boats up to 10m long which allow participants to learn to sail on stable yet responsive vessels. The crew is composed of 3 to 5 participants, together with an Australian Sailing accredited instructor, so all participants can experience and master all roles on board. Teamwork is essential and allows for participants of all fitness levels to learn to sail. These vessels are called Sport Keelboats for a reason though, more experienced crews will soon find out that these vessels are no snail!

Try Sailing for Adults

Here you will learn the foundation skills of sailing including the roles on the boat, how to set the boat up efficiently, and some information on the weather and the environment. The instructor will ensure you have an enjoyable experience out on the water and are given a safe introduction to a lifelong and socially engaging sport.

Try Sailing for Adults is a 12 hour program, run over three sessions at a cost of $300.00 per person.

SB20 Training Group

The SB20 Training Group runs consistently on Sunday mornings, using the Club owned SB20 keelboats with an on-board coach.

The goal of this regular training is to develop your sailing skills to a level where you can confidently sail a keelboat without a coach and transition to racing on a Saturday afternoon.

As a pre-requisite you should have completed a Try Sailing for Adults course or have prior sailing experience.

Please be aware that although the SB20 Training Group typically runs over four sessions, some training groups will run over three sessions due to public holidays.

Courses comprising of three Sunday sessions:

$135.00 for FSC Members

$150.00 for non-members

Please see upcoming course dates above

Courses comprising of four Sunday sessions:

$180.00 for FSC Members

$200.00 for non-members

Please see upcoming course dates above