Brian’s flathead for the ages

February 2024 - Angling Section Competition

With flathead as the target species for February’s Angling Section competition, there was a lot of pre-weigh-in chatter about who had the biggest, and who would walk away with the $100 booty on their HSS.
Ray Wilson, who won the heaviest flathead prize for 2022-23 with a 0.6kg fish, thought he was in with a chance with a modest 0.8kg specimen. Crikey if you can win the whole year with 0.6kg, then 0.8 kg has to be a contender for the month. Right? Wrong!

Joe Venter raised the stakes with a plump 1.5kg or thereabouts which was one of the seven species he had in his esky but that’s about the time Phil Volich played his trump card declaring that his mate Brian Arnett had the flattie to beat all-comers.
No that it mattered to Joe in the end because he had a good day anyway. Anytime Joe or his mate Kev Kroeger declare that one of them had a bag of bibs and bobs you know the points score will be healthy.
Joe’s bibs and bobs that day amounted to 95 points (seven species), easily enough to take the comp.
With Brian cleaning his boat because he was running short of time, Phil stepped up to wow the crowd with his mate’s flathead with a fathead of epic proportions.

Anglers watched in awe as the massive flattie stopped the scales at exactly 2.5kg, only 0.1kg shy of Ray Wilson’s club-record species three years ago.
Fishing near the shipping channel, when Brian saw the energised flathead, with the wild anticipation of a teenager on his first date, charging towards a good size sandie he hastily rebaited with squid and sure enough seconds later the big fella was hooked.

In wonderful conditions, plenty of good fish were weighed-in, with King George prevalent among some anglers, especially John and Denise Bech who landed a combined eight fish.
Denise won the women’s section to reclaim the ladies’ lead while Joe has made some ground on Craig Thomas who sits in the lead on 403.16 points.

Joe’s on 351.22 while Kev, the dark horse of the comp this year, is in third on 302.31 having fished only four of the five events. Back him for a place.

The next competition is scheduled for March 2, with herring as the targeted species.


Twice a month throughout the year on Wednesdays and Sundays (weather permitting), FSC Angling Section conducts fishing trips on MV Success.

FSC Senior and General members are entitled and welcome to take part in Angling Section activities.

The Angling Section meeting (held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month) a crew list book where registration for inclusion on a fishing trip is made available and by attending your name can be added.

Alternatively a request can be made for inclusion on the next fishing trip. Note preference  will be given to those attending the meeting and requesting inclusion to the Success crew at the meeting.

Further information contact:

Angling Section Success Co-ordinator

Martin B Smith

0411246869      nitramaci@hotmail.com

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