The Big Ws Double-Up

It was all about the double-ues or “Ws” at the November Field Day.

Celebrating the history-making efforts of Chris Walkey and Ray Wilson, the other Ws included Wowee, Woo Hoo, Would You Believe and What The . . .

And all the fuss was to do with the points tally, the likes of which the competition probably has never seen. Club stalwart Bob Litster, whose been around since Moby Dick was in nappies, said only three anglers in the past 20 years had cracked the ton in a field day. To have two anglers do it in one comp – and from the same boat – was as rare as rocking horse poo. And to his knowledge, both Chris and Ray beat the old mark.

Chris and Ray, fishing aboard their 6.5m Trophy in unspectacular ground between The Stragglers and Mewstone, produced two jaw dropping bags for the scales.

Remarkably each angler caught identical 15-points species – all six of them. Flathead, king george, pike, snook, leather jacket and skippy, reaping a points tally of 90.

The monthly comps are traditionally won with scores between 70 and 90, so blokes like Bert Zuideveld with 85.56 points on Sunday justifiably thought he was a show to take out the competition.

It wasn’t to be though as Chris and Ray also nailed some of the 10-pointers – Ray with herring, sand whiting and a squid and Chris with herring and sand whiting, plus two five-pointers in a goat fish and a weed carp.

With each angler getting 120 points from species, it came down to weight. Ray’s bag went 9.48kg. Chris stepped up next, with nine king george sitting on top of the ice, to produce a bag of 10.82kg to claim glory by 1.34 points. Chris landed 10 species, while Ray had nine.

With a score that would have won any monthly comp over the last decades, probably in history, Ray was happy to finish the weigh-in with the heaviest king george of 0.94kg, to claim the target fish of the month prize, and $100 towards his HSS.

The history-making weigh-in for the ages also had a delightful diversion when Joe hooked out a massive 3.3kg snook – only 0.2kg shy of the club record – from his esky.

It was a memorable weigh-in as Denise Bech and hubbie John also scored well but nothing was going to get close to the mountainous total scored by Chris and Ray.

The next comp is scheduled for Saturday, December 3.