Sunday Sailing | June 2019

HIGHLIGHTS by Dean McKenna

Hasn’t the week been wintery and horrible. With the promise of a mild sunny Sunday Afternoon nothing would have kept me away from an afternoon sail. I spent last Sunday afternoon swimming underneath the boat exploring the emerging coral reef. It was, as you would expect unbelievably cold! So I was determined to sail before the reef grew back. Twelve boats logged on for the event which provided gentle but consistent winds.

I did leave a little late, so I found myself dodging the first mark and catching the group for the second… It is cruising not racing… Just ask Ollie… He’ll tell you!
I was making good pace. It is amazing how fast you can go without an entire ecosystem in tow. I sensed a photo opportunity at the first mark with a confluence of boats rounding the mark so I decided to tack early. Bang!!!

All of a sudden My boom has decided it would do it’s own thing! The only thing between me and an expensive trip to the sail loft was one plastic sail lug.

The Ram’s head reefing point and Boom Joint had broken. Luckily the breezes were light.

Anyway, that was sailing done for the day for me. I lowered my sail and headed back to the pen to survey the damage.  I bought a new nut and cut a new thread on my boom hinge (I am sure that it will have a very sexy nautical name) and I’m good to go again. Unfortunately I didn’t get my sailing fix… but everyone else had a good time!

Remember Sunday sailing runs all through winter. It may not always be sunny, but the BBQ and beer is still just as good after the event. Hope to see you there in July.