Rebound Outing October 29

The annual Rebound outing once again proved successful as 14 people hopped aboard Success on October 29 for a trip out to sea, with skipper Colin Enderbury at the helm.

Colin positioned Success expertly to ensure the safest passage using a ramp from the jetty to the boat for the wheelchair-bound fishers and their entourage.

Mark Maher, a driving force for many years behind the Rebound day, has not enjoyed the best health but was on the dock to greet and then farewell the group.

Angling captain John Bech, Bob Litster, John Holbrook and Jason Maher volunteered for the day along with Colin who steered Success to one of his fishing popular spots after leaving the marina at 8am.

Plenty of fish was caught, predominately sand whiting – the biggest measured 32cm – as well as herring, and four king George whiting added some sparkle to the esky.

Success returned to the club at 2pm, after a good day was had by all.

Author: Ray Wilson