Angling Section October Competition

The first competition of the 2022-23 season saw the re-emergence of a familiar face, a near-miss from a popular miss and a fight with an unwanted predator . . . and plenty of action in between.

After a 2021/22 season when Craig Thomas missed most competitions through work, he was back with a vengeance for the first monthly comp, claiming the overall prize with 87.93 points.

Craig, fishing with John and Denise Bech aboard the couple’s recently acquired Key West centre console, nailed six species, including a robust samson fish.

The Bechs are developing a reputation as tailor aficionados, often prefacing their comps with a visit to Mewstone or other places for an early look at a 15-pointer. All three aboard the Key West on October 8 did exactly that.

Craig’s appearance, though, proved costly for Denise who notched her best-ever points tally – an impressive 84.06, enough to win most comps.

However, the weight of Craig’s sambo and five points for a sand bass, a nondescript looking critter who has been a very infrequent guest at the weigh-ins over the years, proved to be Denise’s undoing.

Others snapping at Craig’s heels were Chris Walkey on 76.52, Brian Arnett on 70.14 and John Bech on 67.20. John’s time on the boat was split between trying to amass some points and trying to shake a stingray that took up valuable time before it could be released.

Brian didn’t go away empty handed though because his modest 0.54kg squid won him the target species of the month, edging out George Greaves who provided some novelty at the weigh-in with a flounder.

The next competition is scheduled for November 5 when king george will be the target fish, ahead of the King George Classic on November 12. Bookings for the Classic have been open for several weeks on trybooking. Simply google King George Classic and follow the prompts.