The FSC and the Angling Section ticked off another successful outing for Rebound WA – a charitable association assisting West Australians with physical disability rebound from adversity – on April 26 on a good day for a boat trip. With seven wheelchair-bound fishing enthusiasts on board, Success steamed out to the channel with Martin Smith at the helm.

Also on board were former commodore Bob Kucera, who along with Mark Maher initiated the annual day some time ago. Angling captain John Bech, Joe Venter and Bob Litster also volunteered their services for the day. And, the seven disabled members of Rebound, their careers and crew had a ball with some nice fat sand whiting near the channel west nor’west of the club.

After deciding to anchor Success because the strong drift was making fishing difficult, the sandies started wriggling over the gunwales. And they were plump specimens, with the biggest weighing 320g. Martin tried a sand patch on the west side of the channel, and then the east side, with both spots providing some lovely fish.

It was then decided to head up to the Windmills, where drifting became more tolerable, and with an esky housing around 70 whiting on board, the decision was made to return to the club at 12.30pm. It was an excellent day for the Rebound group, and as Bob Kucera noted: “It’s a special experience for people who have more challenges in a day than we have in a lifetime.”