Angling Weekend 24th February

With the promise of good weather early in the day, 11 members turned up for the Success Clinic on February 24.

Alas, it proved to be an unproductive outing, with few fish hitting the esky.

Skipper Martin Smith took a route west of Mewstone and out to 45 metres of water, considerably south of Rottnest.

First drop produced a good sea sweep and little else, which just about summed up the day. A banded sweep, several goatfish, a parrot fish, undersize breaksea cod and several small wrasse were not enough to appease the anglers.

With about an hour to go before Success probably would have headed for home because of the imminent sea breeze, the day took a further turn for the worst when a member took ill.

It was then decided to abbreviate the outing, and head back to the Club.

Weekend Report by Ray Wilson