The FSC Game Fishing Exmouth Adventure 2022

If you have been paying attention to the Section’s website you would have seen that a week-long trip to Exmouth in 2022 has been flagged.

Well, now it is a reality!

Dates: 23 – 29 August 2022 inclusive of 7 nights

Accommodation: Four x3 Bedrooms, self-contained, Osprey Holiday Units have been booked, together with a 5-bedroom x3 bathroom self-contained house.

Cost: The cost per team for the accommodation will be approximately $1,600 or $500 / person for a three-person crew. Four-person in a crew may be accommodated.

Teams: The above accommodation will effectively allow for 6 teams to go on a ‘first come, best dressed’ basis. 


  1. Each team will have to have their own trailable boat, or a boat in Exmouth. (Boats can be hired).
  2. The idea will be to either travel up in convoy leaving either on the 21st or 22nd of August and return to Perth on the 30th (taking again, one or two days).
  3. A mixture of fishing activities between the boats will be set for each day. Whether that is targeting bottom fish’ Spanish mackerel; deep dropping; marlin/bill fish; gulf fishing for squid, coral trout, queenies or trevally; inside reef fishing – a target will be set each day. Participating in this will be purely social, so if a team wishes to capitalize on something else that day, that will be up to them.
  4. It is also hoped to have some social interaction with the Exmouth Game Fishing Club.

Catering: Each team will look after their own catering needs. Having said that, there are suggested plans to hold a group BBQ on one night, a pizza night at the Whalebone Brewing Company, an upmarket dinner at either the Exmouth Escape or Mantaray, a meal at the Exmouth Game Fishing Club (serve the cheapest grog in town), a pub meal at the Potshot.

IF INTERESTED: Please email gamefishing@fsc.com.au or call John Cramer on 0407 772 625

Note: A deposit to secure your place will be required with any money refunded as long as notice is given 30 days prior to departure or if another team is ready to step into the breach at the time of withdrawal.