Sunday Sailing

Sunday afternoon’s breezes, as promised, soon filled in. We experienced a steady 20 knot breeze with quite a short chop. The glorious sunshine compensated for the occasional wave in the face for those of us (unlike my wife Kim) who hadn’t taken refuge under the dodger for the day. Kim found it entertaining watching buckets of water being thrown at me on regular intervals from her warm dry vantage point.

Judging from the photographs taken of other boats, we all scurried around, making the most of the fresh conditions. You know what they say… winter is coming, so make the most of these amazing conditions.

Next weekend is another busy, activity packed extravaganza. we have racing, open day and of course “Cock of the Rock.” Being new to the club, the mind boggles. I eagerly look forward to the activities provided and hope to see you down at the club making the most of the great weather.