Stay safe on the water this summer!

Provide all persons intending to go to sea, in sailing or motor yachts, whether cruising or racing, with skills and essential knowledge that will maximise their chances of survival in water or life-rafts following a man overboard situation or vessel abandonment; and familiarise sailors with the latest personal and vessel safety equipment, its purpose, deployment, and most effective use; and present and discuss prevention and coping strategies for incidents and emergencies at sea.


Full Course

(E-Learning, Theory and Practical Drills)

FSC Member – $450.00

Non-Member – $500.00

Subject to Australian Sailing Changes 

Please note: All above prices include a $20.00 Australian Sailing booking fee.

E-Learning (Full Course Only)

Following your registration, our E-Learning provider Above and Beyond Boating, will email your login credentials to access the E-Learning content (Please allow one business day for this). The E-Learning can be completed in your own time and take approximately 6 hours to complete. Please be aware that the E-Learning must be completed prior to the Practical Drills session.

Practical Drills

Practical Drills are completed in one full day (8:00am to 3:00pm). These drills are held onsite at Fremantle Sailing Club. Practical exercises include E-Learning Q&A, use of life rafts, inflatable life jackets, distress flares and other safety equipment. These exercises are completed with qualified Australian Sailing Instructors at a ratio of 1 Instructor for up to 10 participants.


The certificate awarded meets the eligibility requirements of section 6.01 of the World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations for Category 0, 1 and some Category 2 offshore races.

The SSS course certificate is valid for 5 years. For sailors whos certificates have expired, a refresher course of 8 hours tuition time may be attended. The refresher course is designed for active offshore racing sailors and anyone who does not sail regularly should seriously consider completing the full Safety and Sea Survival Course. A Refresher Course also provides a valuable revision to cruising sailors.


For more information, please contact the Sailing Office.