Notice to Members – ULP Out

Dear Members,

With Summer in full swing and cray season ramping up, we wanted to remind you all a few important points:

  1. Due to a delay with the new equipment for the fuel jetty, we will only have diesel fuel available until further notice (fobs available at the Harbour Office). ULP can be purchased from Baileys Fuel (Bailey’s fuel card required), or with Mastercard or Visa from any service station, Aquarama or Rottnest Fuel.
  2. Powering on or off boat trailers is strictly not permitted on the Boat Ramp. Using the motor to power on and off your trailer significantly undermines the structural integrity of the boat ramp which, if continually done, would lead to the closure of ramps to repair the damage. Please respect that this rule is put in place for the benefit of the Club and members. Any member found to be doing this will be given a warning and then recommend to the protocol committee for disciplinary action should it continue to occur.
  3. Please remember that the Department of Fisheries have unrestricted access to the Club to ensure that proper fishing guidelines and regulations are followed. Please ensure that you are following the rules and guidelines as outlined on the Department of Fisheries website.
  4. Please be courteous and mindful of other members. Please do not take your vessel to the launch ramps or launch your vessel until you are ready to depart. Please ensure that your rubbish is appropriately disposed of. Old bait and fish waste is not to be disposed of in Club bins.
  5. No unauthorized parking and berthing of vessels or trailers. We are happy to accommodate but please call the Harbour Office to make arrangements. Penalty fees will apply. Members with handstand bays, please utilise these for utilising trailers when the boat is in use during the busy period – starting this weekend. Overflow parking on the Northern end of the dinghy lawn will be made available for the next few weeks. Boatyard overflow parking will be available from the 18th of December.
  6. No wash, no wake. Maximum of 4 knots in the Harbour.

Note: Please keep an eye out for a notice regarding a handstand cleanup in the next few weeks. Now that pots are in the water, handstand bays must be cleared out so that we can sweep and repaint the bays.

Have a great summer ahead. If you have any questions, or need a hand, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Harbour Office team.

Kind regards and have a safe boating & festive season.

Andrew, Jason, Ella, Meika & Peter

The Harbour Office Team