Junior Membership

For more information about Junior Membership, please contact the Membership Coordinator at membership@fsc.com.au or phone 08 9435 8814

Junior Membership FAQs

  • A Junior member is anyone under the age of 18
  • If a Junior member is the son or daughter of a current Senior member a 20% discount applies to the subscription.
  • Make full use and enjoyment of the Clubhouse and other facilities.
  • Participate in any Club activity as a skipper or crew member on any boat on the Club’s register.
  • Use Dinghy-launching ramps.
  • Lease or occupy facilities that are under control of the Dinghy Racing Section, provided such usage is for sailing dinghy related activities.
  • Have a boat on the Dinghy Racing Section Register.
  • Be a member of Dinghy Section Committee.
  • 10% Loyalty discount on Food, Beverage, Merchandise
  • Annual subscription applicable from 1st July  to 30th June each year
  • Coaching fees as prescribed by Head Coach

Once payment is made members will be issued with their Information Booklet which includes fob key [if requested] membership card, car parking permit. 

All nominations are posted to the Notice board for 14 days and submitted to the Board of Management for approval and confirmed shortly thereafter.

The Membership Coordinator will advise upgrade options:

  • Senior 18-25 [non-nomination applicable if upgrading]
  • General Member 18+
  • Crew Member 18+

Members over 18 engaged in a full-time educational courses or vocational training that precludes them from earning a regular income, shall, upon application duly approved by the Board, pay a subscription at half the annual subscription rate for the period so engaged.

Applications to be in writing and must accompany a copy of current student card and enrolment or course registration for each year following receipt of subscription renewals.