Long Weekend Cruise Recap!

Rockingham Cruise

Congratulations to Alpha for her superb organising of nthe troops to ensure a successful trip down south. She was able to coordinate… or coerce twelve boats for the trip. This was while several people were still involved with the Exmouth trip.

Originally we had decided not to attend due to a distinct lack of wind. My initial thought was that we could probably swim there faster or just take the tender.

But eventually good sense prevailed. I have never actually sailed to Rockingham. We’ve gone around it many times on passages south but never down the chute to TCYC. Each time I mentioned this my peers retorted with.. don’t forget the Mussel farms..don’t forget the Mussel farms.

Reasons to not listen to your inner sailor

With my Mussel or was it muscle mantra fully internalised, I surveyed my options. Course was plotted, weather was fine and on the beam, my crew Michaela and Kim were suitably provisioned with lashings of red wine and exotic foods (I’d excelled during my expedition to Woolworths).

What could go wrong? Of course I’ll put up the Cruising Chute. My enthusiasm was of course was met by Kim’s admonishment. Remember the last time you put that thing up! Memories drifted by of simpler times; of my son, projectile vomiting twisties as I dredged the reef bottom off Rottnest with said spinnaker after broaching the boat.

Oh ye of little faith.. nothing did go wrong. The sail went up beautifully and we Zephyred perfectly down the line toward our destination, flanked for most of the way by a pod of dolphins. Oh… and the Mussel fans… missed them too.

Feeling very chuffed, my thoughts steered toward the concept of cruising into the anchorage under spinnaker. Your thoughts are of course with me.. What could go wrong?

Beware of waving strangers

Earlier, I mentioned that I hadn’t sailed to Rockingham before. So, I looked for the tallest masts and made for them. All the time, my inner spinnaker snuffer voice was getting louder and louder. So yes, I did listen to it. The spinnaker was down as I entered the anchorage. However, I was still to learn an irrefutable life lesson. Whereas sunglasses are an essential fashion accessory, reading glasses are a far more practical addition. (especially when chart plotters are involved.)

Aren’t the locals friendly I thought, as Brad, our new local friend waved at us eagerly with both hands… So I found Rockingham…or a weed bank off of it anyway. Groundings are such a nice way to meet new people and bring friends together. A call on the radio and we quickly had Scott tied to our mast and Martin and Brad our new local friend tied to the front of our boat.

Back to the Bar

We all met on Scott and Claire’s boat for drinks before heading to TCYC for dinner. I was surprised how many people were there. It was a great night.

The next morning we were meant to head to Garden Island for a lunch picnic, but with squalls predicted, it was decided to call that portion off. This proved to be a wise decision as several boats who started out a little later were hit by some messy squalls.