Get Your Kids On The Ocean This Summer!

Your sailing journey can start here as you learn the fundamental skills of dinghy sailing and enhance your confidence and fun on the water. This course is designed for participants who wish to begin sailing in a dinghy. All the equipment and gear will be provided by your accredited Discover Sailing Centre.

Dinghy courses in comparison to the Big Boat Sailing are action packed and suitable for those looking for a thrilling sail. With just two people on each boat you will feel the balance of the boat and be close to the water.

Course Prerequisite

  • Water confident
  • Teenagers and Adults

Course Outcomes

  • Weather introduction
  • Learn how to set up your boat for sailing
  • Understand points of sail to the wind
  • Leaving and coming back to the beach
  • Capsizing
  • Sailing in a straight line
  • Towing
  • Tacking (turning the boat around)
  • Teamwork and roles in the boat
    12 hour course over 4 Saturdays during the Summer Season. All courses are run by qualified Australian Sailing Instructors. 

For information on how to continue sailing after the Try Small Boat Sailing course click here

If you have any questions please contact our Sailing Administrator