Konway Challis, centre, demonstrates his filleting techniques.

There was only one problem associated with the Angling Section’s filleting workshop featuring master knifeman Konway Challis – getting a seat at the clinic. With 12 spots available at $50 ahead, the tutorial at the upstairs kitchen of the FSC on July 25 sold out in a matter of minutes following the information being posted on the Angling Section’s Facebook page and on the section’s Google email group. By the day’s end, there were enough numbers for a second workshop, plus some others who, hopefully, will be accommodated later on. As it was, a second workshop was hastily arranged to handle the waitlist for the first session which attracted positive feedback from all those in attendance.

Konway is a gun with a knife, a fish filleter by trade with more than 15 years’ experience who has worked for major seafood companies. He has a business called Red Gill Fish where he sells quality fish – filleted of course. The workshop, where participants were required to wear a glove on the non-filleting hand, wear closed in shoes and bring their own knives, involved Konway explaining the techniques he uses in getting the optimum amount of flesh from fish such as blue spot emperor and barramundi.

It proved a great hands-on learning experience as Konway moved from group to group, offering individual advice and a bonus of the night came when participants took home the fillets. Aside from the science of fish filleting, he also provided advice on the best knives to use for various fish and how to maintain and sharpen them. One recommendation from Konway was well heeded by the participants – he never leaves home without his favourite blade, a Diogenes 22cm, commonly known as a Dio 22.

Angling section captain John Bech was delighted with the workshop and the responses and feedback he has received. The night was recorded, with Konway and his team planning to provide a link for access by FSC members on the Club website very soon. Plans are afoot to hold annual workshops, and more advanced smaller group sessions, perhaps with only five people. Call John Bech on 0418 924 072.

Event Report by Ray Wilson