Kids Fishing Clinic

Kids Clinic April 14, 2022

If you could dial up a perfect day for our Kids Fishing Clinic, then look no further than Thursday, April 14.

It was a magnificent nautical cocktail of a light and pleasant easterly in the morning before a sea breeze that wouldn’t ruffle a toupee, a low swell and plenty of sunshine.

And there were plenty of smiles from the 14 well-mannered and appreciative kids aboard who had an absolute ball catching herring, skippy, king george whiting, sand whiting, squid and flathead.

There were plenty of butterfish thrown into the mix, but it mattered little as Isla caught her very first fish and Will landed a 46cm king george and was going to get his parents to invite his day’s fishing buddy Jesse around for tea.

Finn also landed a nice king george while others delighted in the fighting qualities of herring and skippy.

Martin Smith skippered the boat on a day organised by Joe Venter in the absence of Clinic Co-ordinator Di Norkett. John Holbrook, Greg Hancock and Ray Wilson were also on board to help out.

All the day’s action centre around only three spots, almost due west of the club between the Stragglers and Mewstone on sand patches well-known by some of those on board.

The only lament came when it was time for the final “lines up” as several of the kids pleaded for one last cast.

When parents arrived on the Sunset Deck for the 2.30pm collection, the kids took great delight in regaling them of their exploits of the day.

Later that night, the parents expressed their thanks at the pictures emailed to them of their beaming  kids proudly showing off their catch.

A special thanks goes to the Galley for some excellent sandwiches, and the volunteers who helped out on the day.