History of the Sheoak Tree

To coincide with the 150th Anniversary of Western Australia, the clubhouse, the heart of the club, would open for business this year. Premier Sir Charles Court unveiled a plaque and officially opened the ‘completed’ Clubhouse on the 17th of December 1979. It was completed enough for the office staff to move in three days later, with celebrations for members to mark the completion of the clubhouse held in early 1980.

In May 1980, the WA Ministerial Cabinet visited Fremantle Sailing Club and helped plant a number of trees in front of the Clubhouse, which still remain today. Fitting out of the Clubhouse, landscaping, stone-work for the BBQ etc. continued into the 1980s.

Photo 1: Captured in 1980, Premier Sir Charles Court planting one of the younger Sheoak trees. To his left, Minister for Lands and Forests, Mr. David Wordsworth.

Photo 2: The Australian Sheoak in front of the Fremantle Sailing Club Club House (2017).

1. Australian Sheoak Tree 1980
2. Australian Sheoak Tree 1980