Fremantle Sailing Club Inshore Winter Series Race 7 17th August 2019 by Frances Hammond

Thirty-one boats raced in cold, squally conditions in the final race of the FSC Inshore Winter Series last Saturday.  Inshore Race Control had a day off with Offshore Race Control taking the helm on Success after running two IRC Windward / Leeward races in the morning.  The final Inshore race was also the final race of the IRC State Championships and the IRC boats boosted our fleet numbers and gave us great competition.  Offshore’s reverse starting order caused a little confusion amongst the inshore fleet as not all boats got close enough to Success to confirm the flags, nor did they hear the announcements of the starting order – the rain squalls and lumpy conditions didn’t help!  Some boats started with reefs as the apparent wind gusted to just under thirty knots, however conditions soon moderated, reefs were shaken out and spinnakers blossomed as the wind abated and the sun came out between the showers.

Four Division Zero boats sailed – the first proper fleet of the series.  Anthony Kirke’s Enterprise dominated taking first and fastest on both TCF and IRC handicaps.  Geoff Bishop’s Checkmate (with an Optimist champion as guest crew) was second ahead of Mark Nagle’s Weapon of Choice in third place on IRC handicap.  Nick White’s Wasabi was second on TCF with Weapon of Choice third.  It was great to see the big offshore boats sailing with the regular inshore fleet.

Nine boats raced in the Division One fleet.  Dominic Di Latte’s Baci was first on TCF handicap ahead of Bill Henson’s Circa with K Stevenson’s Problem Child (shipping a crack crew with America’s Cup and Gold Medal experience) was third.  On IRC Handicap Problem Child was first ahead of David Davenport’s Crush with Circa in third place.  Problem Child was fastest.

Eleven boats raced in Division Two and but if you looked at the TCF results you’d think there were only nine – there were dead heats for both second and fifth places!  George Carter’s Eufarria took first place on TCF ahead of Ron Kooy’s Venustus and Steve Delfos’s Minke in equal second place.  Minke sailed seven up and got a terrific start.  Igawa and Hustler dead heated for fifth.  On IRC Jason Poutsma continued his successful series in Hustler with a first place ahead of David Atkinson’s Igawa (in second despite a wrapped kite) with Ernie Delfos’s Windswept in third place.  Trevor Taylor’s No Etiquette was fastest.  Bruce Wilkinson’s spectacular broaches in Turkish Delight entertained those nearby but sent them to the back of the fleet

Seven IRC boats braved the lumpy conditions.  On TCF Handicap Ole Otness’s The Longboat took first from John Palmer and Jaye Martin’s Witchy Woman with Jane Laws Ambience in third place.  Witchy Woman was first in IRC ahead of James Halvorsen’s Giddy Up.  Giddy up was fastest overall.

Thanks to Offshore Race Control for starting us this week – it was a long day on the water for you all in the rough conditions.  Skippers, crews and volunteers returned to the Sailor’s Bar to warm up, and for the IRC and Inshore presentations.  Inshore Pennants presented by Inshore Captain Brian Cooper.  The afternoon finished up with drinks, finger foods and pizza put on by the club to celebrate the end of the series.  Full results are available on http://www.sportspage.com.au/, a curated set of photos is available on One Drive, and a full set of photos from Frances is also available on One Drive.

Don’t forget to book for the Inshore Winter Series Presentation Lunch next Saturday, 25th August.  Inshore sailing will recommence on FSC Opening Day on 5th October.