Fremantle Sailing Club Inshore Winter Series Race 5 27th July 2019

Near glass-out conditions (2 knots from the SE) delayed the start for the Fremantle Inshore fleet’s fifth race last Saturday.  After a ten-minute postponement Race Control began the starting sequence and each fleet drifted towards the line.  Many boats took more than ten minutes to cross, and the different ghosting speeds made for some interesting juxtapositions, however, most boats managed a successful start.  A strong storm cell lurked on the western horizon all afternoon and there was some anxious checking of the rain radar to monitor its position.  Fortunately for the fleet it moved just near enough to bring in some cloud which though it made things very cold also brought an 8 knot SSWly breeze which enabled all starters to finish the course (sensibly shortened by Race Control to four legs with a finish at the second rounding of F).

No boats raced in Division Zero.

Seven boats raced in Division One with Michael Sproxton’s Fat Wallet Lost first ahead of David Davenport’s Crush with Graeme Martin’s Sand Crab’s Disco in third place.  Crush was a convincing winner on IRC handicap, six minutes and twenty-five seconds ahead of Bill Henson’s Circa with Sand Crab’s Disco third again.  Crush was also the fastest.  Dominic Di Latte’s Baci (with one more than their usual crew of two) paid the price for a slow start (amongst the Div 2 fleet) by taking the metaphorical wooden spoon.

A strong fleet of twelve boats raced in DivisionTwo but David Atkinson’s Igawa and Jason Poutsma’s Hustler were over the line at the start so did not feature in the results.  Steve Delfos’s Minke enjoyed the light conditions and took first on Performance Handicap from Jeremy Kerr’s The Black Smoke which narrowly edged Kim Klaka’s Panache II into third place (seven seconds behind after the handicaps were applied).  Indeed, less than seven minutes separated second and ninth places on handicap, despite bigger gaps on the water.  Bruce Wilkinson’s Turkish Delight was fastest and also took first place on IRC handicap twenty seconds ahead of Minke with Steve Delfos’s Windswept in third place.  George Carter’s Eufarria, sailed three up, had to perform a penalty turn after an infringement on the start line, a maneuver that took a long time in the conditions and kept them out of contention.

Seven boats headed to the start in JAM Division but James Halvorsen’s Giddy Up retired before the race started.  Adam Toey’s Break N Out took first and fastest on Performance Handicap (in their second outing in the series) only twenty-seven seconds ahead of Jane Laws Ambience with Alan Nutall’s Counterpoint in third place.  John Palmer’s Witchy Woman (sailed by Conrad Todd) was the only contender in JAM IRC, which was perhaps fortunate as they started by sailing course three (in their defense it was hard to read the flags correctly as the drooped in the calm at the start).

Presentations were made after the race in the warmth of the Sailor’s Bar by Inshore Captain Brian Cooper.  Thanks as always to the Race Control Crew on Success.  There were no pictures from Chris this week but the curated set of pictures from Frances is available on One Drive, as well as a full set of pictures taken on the day.  Winter Inshore racing continues with Race Six, Saturday 10th of August (don’t forget the 13:00 hours start time).