Anzac Cup 2019

Fremantle Sailing Club Inshore Anzac Cup 2019

A light, ten knot, South Westerly breeze provided perfect conditions for the FSC Inshore Anzac Cup last Thursday.  Sixteen boats raced in three divisions, with no spinnakers and no IRC competition the order of the day.  The course was shortened at S to allow enough time for all competitors to return the club for the traditional Anzac Day ceremony before the results were announced.

Unusually Division One fielded the strongest fleet with eight boats racing including a first outing for K & Kelly Bruce’s Moo.  Rod Mulcahy’s Slipstream took first on handicap from Anthony Kirke’s Enterprise (also fastest) with Paul Huhtala’s Gumboot IV – the only regular inshore competitor to feature in the Div. One results – in third place (after a courteous reminder from Witchy Woman to about the no-spinnaker rule).  Winston Scotney’s Corniche had to do a 360 after hitting P (the final mark).

Most of the regular Division Two competitors didn’t compete with only MX, Eufarria and Pipedream III racing in Division Two.  MX flew a spinnaker which scored them with a DSQ leaving Eufarria, skippered by John Crowhurst in George Carter’s absence, to take first and fastest from Peter Williams Pipedream III.

Five boats raced in division JAM with Peter Cochrane’s Raya taking first from Steve Kerr’s Polaris with Jane Laws Ambience in third place.  Ole Otness’s The Longboat was fastest – despite acting as rabbit start boat for the cruising JAM fleet before joining the inshore race!

After a short delay whilst the handicapper’s backups (Frances and Brian) wrestled with the results software, the short Anzac ceremony was held before the results were announced.  The Anzac Cup for the best performed day went to Slipstream.

Thanks to our Race Control crew on Success and to all the competitors.  Full results are available on www.sportspage.com.au and additional photos from Chris Bender on OneDrive.

Race Report by Frances Hammond, photos by Chris Bender.