Angling Section: MIDWEEK SUCCESS CLINIC 17th JULY 2019

With the vagaries of a full moon to deal with, skippers Mark Maher and Martin Smith covered all bases on the July 17 mid-week Success Clinic.

With expectations heightened because of the good weather, eight members turned up for the trip as the skippers advised the anglers to take gear for deep-sea fish along with rigs for inshore fishing just in case the moon had messed with the feeding habits of the bigger fish.

Fishing just south of Rottnest, the action included baldchin, skippy, tarwhine, spotted cod, wrasse and a pile of undersize pink snapper.

After trying a variety of spots, Bob Litster nailed a small breaksea cod which was trumped by a 1kg king george whiting taken by Mark.

Then Tania Coppola beat all comers with a nice baldie.

To put the icing on the cake, the crew stopped at a productive sand whiting grounds, with most fishers landing a half dozen or so.

As is often the case, an outing throws up a mystery fish or at least a specimen that casts some doubts over its identity. This time it was Iain Grassick, with an ugly black beast that only its mother could love.

Fisheries confirmed Martin’s view that it was a Western Rock Blackfish.


Event Report and Photos by Ray Wilson