Success Dive Days

Dive Section embarks on a Sunday of each month.

Due to deck-space limitations, the maximum number of divers for Success trips will be 18. 

Priority will be given to those divers that have attended the prior Wednesday evening Dive meeting at the Fremantle Sailing Club. Over-subscription will prioritise any divers that miss out (alongside Wednesday night Dive meeting attendees) on the subsequent diving trip. Note: it is extremely rare that we have needed to limit numbers.

For those members who have not taken part in Success diving or angling excursions before, Success is moored on the Collector Jetty south of the Clubhouse.

Please note that it is the skipper’s prerogative to cancel the dive given available weather conditions. We will endeavour to give notice at least 12 hrs prior to departure.

Also, note that if sufficient numbers are not attracted (a minimum of eight members onboard required for Sunday Dive) then a cancellation notice will be sent out three days prior to dive.

Success leaves at 8.00am sharp. Boarding is requested to be at 7.30am to take care of preliminaries and stowage of gear. 

Participants will require to bring along their own food & drink for the day and wear attire suitable for the weather conditions.

Success is typically back in harbour by 2.30pm for boat clean-up and returning gear to the Dive Locker. 

We kindly ask that new divers bring their Dive Certifications for sighting by a Dive Section committee Member on their first dive (or at the previous meeting).


COVID 19 Guidelines

All onboard are responsible to ensure they observe social distancing and follow the relevant WA Government advice to protect others and themselves. A maximum of three people are allowed in the forward cabin until social distancing guidelines are relaxed.

Most importantly, we ask that you do not come aboard if you have symptoms consistent with COVID-19, or if you are under conditions that require you to self-isolate (e.g. recently returned travellers).

Specimen Sampling And Crabs & Crays

All divers are required to adhere to WA Fisheries department regulations regarding amateur diving. The skipper of the day has the authority to review the size, numbers and species of the catch taken on board Success during Dive Days. Divers must have an angling license appropriate for their catch.

Please be careful if taking shells or artefacts that they are legal, and that they don’t contain any blue-ring octopus.


Protected, under-size species or unwanted catch must be returned to the water in a timely fashion and by a recommended method to reduce stress and injury to the animal.