2020 Rotto Olympics

FSC Power Yacht Section teamed up with the Cruising Section to host a weekend of games and socialising for over 60 attendees on November 21 & 22.

Saturday afternoon was spent on the beach, there were games for everyone to join in with much fun and laughter. When the scores were tallied, the winners were presented with prizes to choose from our most generous sponsors: iiCAPTAIN, OLJA COLLECTIVE, Kick-It-Sweet Thai Chilli Sauce, ALLWAYS MARINE, Fuel Right, WILSON MARINE.

After a quick rest and recovery, we all enjoyed a Sundowner BBQ at the Army Jetty where everyone contributed to a fantastic array of shared snacks, salads and desserts, with lots of chatter about how the games were won.

At the Sundowner our first prize winner auctioned of his prize for a donation to Cancer Council, which raised a very generous $400.

Sunday morning was a lazy day, with some enjoying a stroll into the settlement for breakfast at Frankies and others a BBQ breakfast with the view of the boats and bay before returning to FSC.